Watch Justin Bieber Today Show: Bieber Talks Girlfriend, New Book (Video)

watch justin bieber today show video
Watch Justin Bieber Today show video

Watch Justin Bieber in this Today Show video clip, where Justin Bieber talks about his new book, “First Step 2 Forever: My Story.”

At just 16, Justin Bieber is a bona fide teen superstar just three years ago, he was posting videos to YouTube.

Bieber talks about his mom traveling with him, which helps to keep him grounded, despite the massive fame.

Justin Bieber talks about his rise to fame, saying he wants to reach everyone, at all ages.

There’s discussion of Natalie Morales’ Halloween costume, who dressed as Justin Bieber. He says “she looks just like me.”

Usher has told him to stay humble and grounded, remember where he came from and that family is really important.

Coming up soon for Justin – Bieber’s new 3D movie will look at where he grew up and his hometown.

Bieber answers fan questions in the video clip too, including if he has a girlfriend — check it out!