Watch: Justin Bieber Today Show Interview "Never Say Never" (VIDEO)

watch justin bieber today show never say never video
Justin Bieber Talks About "Never Say Never" on Today Show

Justin Bieber sat down with Matt Lauer this morning on The Today Show to talk about his new movie, “Never Say Never”, which will be released on February 11th. In case you missed it, you can watch Justin Bieber on The Today Show in the video clip below.

In the interview, Justin Bieber talks about his rise to fame, from his dreams of success as a child, to how his favorite part of concerts is greeting fans before the show. At the end of his Today Show interview, Justin Bieber surprised a lucky fan who was waiting outside of the studio. He definitely seems to appreciate his admirers!

Justin Bieber also reveals his struggle with being a teenager who is constantly on the road, and away from family and friends. Though he didn’t mention whether or not he’s dating Selena Gomez, there was of course, a discussion about his haircut.

Justin Bieber’s career is just beginning…and “Never Say Never” is sure to take his stardom to the next level!

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