WATCH: Justin Bieber's Voice Changing Right Before Our Eyes (or Ears)


Justin Bieber

It’s a awkward time for any adolescent boy, the time span when his voice changes due to puberty. And it’s even more awkward when millions have their ears tuned into every single note and nuance that comes out of your month. Teen sensation Justin Bieber is very publicly going through puberty and it’s something that is noticeable in his upcoming film Never Say Never.

As mentioned in the Vanity Fair cover story on Justin, he has a voice coach that is working with him to make sure that his changing voice is a smooth transition. And she knows what she is doing, she helped Usher go through this same change of life and he did very well for himself!

Check out the clip from Never Say Never where his voice coach is looking for answers on his rougher voice asking if he was doing lots of yelling. But in truth, and timing, it’s probably more a case of his body and voice going through changes.

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