Kate Gosselin on Today Show (Video): Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin and a Dating Update

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Kate Gosselin talk Kate Plus 8 on Today Show (video)

Watch Kate Gosselin on the Today show (video), where she talks about the new season of her reality show, “Kate Plus 8,” plus gives the update on ex-husband Jon Gosselin and the prospects for her dating.

First up, on the Kate Plus 8 season 2 premiere, she took the eight kids to Australia and says that the 21 hour flight was one of the best flights of their lives.

Matt Lauer asks if filming the show is still positive for the kids and Kate Gosselin says “it’s normal and exciting” for them and they still cheer when the film crew comes through the door.

As for an update on Colin and Alexis Gosselin being taken out of school for behavior issues. Gosselin explains that there were actual medical issues involved and they will be integrated back into school “within the very imminent future.”

Overall, Kate said she made the right decision to take them out of school.

Gosselin also talks a bit about how the divorce impacts the kids, noting that “the most important thing for me is to have a positive attitude.”

“I’m doing the best that I can ” to involve Jon, Kate explains, though she wishes he would see the kids more than two weekends a month.

As for Kate Gosselin dating? She says she doesn’t hold much hope because “It’s going to take a strong person to wrangle this mess.”