WATCH: Funny or Die Katie Couric Investigates Shaking the Sillies Out: Hilarous!


Katie Couric has tackled some pretty serious topics, wars, terrorism, cancers…and now she is investigating yet another hot topic issue, the myth of “shaking the sillies out”.

In the Funny or Die video exclusive, Katie Couric confronts a group of children telling them that not only that shaking the sillies doesn’t work but they have been “living a lie.” After breaking the news to the children she pointedly asked them if , “your little child world shattering your before your eyes.”

Katie even experimenting with shaking the sillies herself, and she found it made her more silly not less, which resulted in her giving a child a wet willy and getting a time out.

Check out Katie and her sillies on the Funny or Die video here!

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