Watch Kendra Wilkinson Dancing With The Stars Quick Step (VIDEO)

kendra wilkinson dancing with the stars
Watch Kendra Wilkinson DWTS Quick Step Video

Tonight is the second week of Dancing With The Stars, and the cast is beginning to realize that learning how to be a ballroom dancer is hard work! During rehearsals this week, Kendra Wilkinson broke down in tears because she struggles with the expectation people have of her to be sexy and confident when she doesn’t always feel that way. In case you missed it, you can watch Kendra Wilkinson’s Dancing With The Stars Quick Step in the video below.

Kendra looked graceful and natural dancing the Quick Step tonight, but the judges had mixed opinions on her performance. Bruno thought she looked “tight”, Carrie Ann said that she was pleased to see “more than just the choreography” and said that Kendra had an “elegance.” Len Goodman chimed in with the comment that Kendra’s “chesticles” were pushing into Louis, whatever that means. He also said that he thought she did an excellent job overall.

Kendra Wilkinson’s DWTS Quick Step performance earned her a total of 19 out of 30 from the judges. Is that enough to keep her on Dancing With The Stars for one more week?