Watch: Kid Rock Sheryl Crow Rally to Restore Sanity "Least That I Can Do Is Care" (Video)

watch kid rock and sheryl crow at rally to restore sanity video
Kid Rock performs new song with Sheryl Crow at Rally to Restore Sanity

Watch Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow at the Rally to Restore Sanity, singing “The Least That I Can Do is Care” in this video from the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally.

Kid Rock performed his new song, for the first time in front of anyone, along with pal Sheryl Crow, and joined by T.I. on screen for a rap segment.

Part of the Kid Rock lyrics for his new song were: “I can’t change the world to make things fair… the least that I can do is care.”

Sheryl Crow then performed “Peaceful Feeling,” with lyrics that include: “Making the best of a situation/ Buildin’ a house on a strong foundation/everybody wants to feel alright”

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