Watch Little Boy Dance on Today Show: Little Boy Dancing Viral Video

little boy dancing on today little boy dances on today keeghan roberts
Watch little boy dancing on "Today" video: Keeghan Roberts

It began as a somber interview with the widow of Army Staff Sgt. Kevin “Casey” Roberts, who was killed in Afghanistan, and his two children. But it turned into a reminder that children can bring us joy in the midst of tragedy when Roberts’ son, Keeghan, began dancing as Meredith Vieira interviewed his mom and sister on NBC’s “Today” show. The dance was spontaneous and adorable. Click on to watch the little boy dance on “Today’s” viral video.
It began with just a few shakes. It turned into a full-fledged shimmy as Vieira tried to ask his mother questions about the holiday season. But Keeghan, who evidently was having fun watching himself on the monitors off camera, stole the show with his moves and eventually his jumps.
You won’t know whether to laugh or cry maybe like me you’ll do both.


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