Watch Michael J. Fox On The Good Wife Online, Plus A Preview Of Tonight's Show

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Michael J. Fox on "The Good Wife": Watch online video

Watch “The Good Wife” online tonight as Michael J. Fox is back on television with a guest spot on Julianna Margulies’ second-year drama “The Good Wife” in an episode called “Poisoned Pill.” You can’t help but feel life is a little better when Fox is on TV the dad of four is just such a charismatic presence, and he was so great on “Spin City” and “Family Ties” before his Parkinson’s Disease made it difficult for him to act full time.

In tonight’s episode, he plays an attorney who uses a disability to his advantage not good behavior, but we bet his performance will be mesmerizing.

Check out a preview below. Later tonight, head here, here or here to watch the full episode online.

Photo: CBS

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