WATCH: Miley Cyrus on SNL - She's Not Perfect!


Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and while many of the ‘haters’ out there may scoff at the Hannah Montana star hosting the legendary show, the girl brought the funny.

She opened the show with her monologue that was part talk but most song with a ditty called “I’m Sorry I’m Not Perfect,” where she references her past “scandals” like her showing some side boob, dancing on a stripper pole, and smoking from a bong but puts into perspective by comparing her completely blown out of porportion shenanigans with those of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods.

Miley went on to do skits where she impersonated Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan as well as a take off on the new film Beastly.

How did Miley do? In the words of Mr. Charlie Sheen…”winning, duh!”

Check out the video of her opening sketch and her skits here:

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