WATCH: Nataly Dawn & Pomplamoose! So Who Are These Hyundai Ad Stars?


Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte of Pomplamoose have a lot of holiday joy these days. Their simple contagious boy-meets-girl renditions of classic Christmas season standards liks Deck the Halls, Up On the Roof and Jingle Bells are on heavy rotation. Not on MTV, not on the radio, no they have become car commercial stars. The duo have lent their musical stylings to a string of ads for Hyundai and are becoming even more popular – even though they’ve had a strong internet/you tube following.  So who is Pomplamoose?

First you might wonder was pomplamoose is. It is the French word for grapefruit. And it’s a word that is awfully fun to say. The two don’t just have talent but they also have the smarts. The two graduated from Stanford University.  They were found by the ad agency Innocean for Hyundai who had wanted a “fresh” sound for their commercials. Pomplamoose signed on but they did have conditions. There refused to do any lip synching and there aren’t any “hidden sounds,” you see all the instruments that are making the music.

Check out their ad below plus a couple other cool videos!


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