Watch Our EXCLUSIVE Delivery Man Clip: "I Think I Want a Kid" (Video)


delivery-man_poster-630x350Oh my god. I so can’t wait to see Delivery Man. Some of my blogger pals have gotten the pleasure to see the upcoming DreamWorks film already. And you know what, they have all unanimously deemed it awesome.

Delivery Man is about an “affable underachiever” who has the shock of his life when he finds out he has fathered 533 children, yes 533 children, when he gave an anonymous donation to a fertility clinic 20 years before. 142 of his biological children decide to file a lawsuit to try to find out his identity, and he has to decide whether or not he should come forward as their dad.

One thing that tugs at Vince Vaughn’s character’s soul is that he grapples with the urge to be a father. In this sweet and hilarious clip, an exclusive to Babble, Vince’s character David shares with his pal Brett (played by Chris Pratt) his desire to be a dad, but the kids in the shot totally steal the scene.

Watch this awesome clip right here:

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 Delivery Man opens everywhere on November 22nd.