Watch Out Suri, Honor Warren Has a Fashion Blog Dedicated to Her Now Too!

Honor Marie Style Blog!

Watch out Suri Cruise, you’re not the only mini-fashionista with their own blog dedicated to their style and fashion. Now Honor Warren, the daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren,  has her own tribute site.

But it’s actually all in the family…since the new Honor Warren blog is by the same people who did the Suri Cruise fashion blog. So far the Honor Warren blog is building up with a retrospective of all her outfits since she was born, and seeing how much Honor has been photographed over of the years, they have their work cut out for them. So far they are up to 2009, so they have a couple years to go!

Will there be more celebrity baby style blogs, and if so who will be the next kid to be honored after Honor?

Photo: PR Photos.