Watch Patti Stanger Millionaire Matchmaker Season 4 Premiere (Video)

patti stanger millionaire matchmaker season 4 premiere
Watch Patti Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker season 4

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is back with the season 4 premiere of her matchmaking reality show on Bravo.

Season 4 of Millionaire Matchmaker has Patti Stanger matching up mates in New York City this go-around, where she says she’ll do a fair amount of helping out millionaire ladies who have to watch out for male gold diggers.

Patti Stanger tells that in New York City, there are 5 women to every 1 guy, with the men being very metro. “Where are the hunters?,” Patti asks.

Meanwhile, former employee Chelsea Autumn was caught on video by TMZ saying that she’s started her own matchmaking agency, and dishes that Patti Stanger “treats people like crap.”

Are you watching Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker premiere tonight?

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