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watch obama japan tsunami press conference liveAt 11:15am, ET, President Obama will host a live press conference! All major networks including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and other news will carry the event and you can also watch President Obama’s Japan Tsunami Press Conference online live streaming video right here.

The President will offer his response to the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan.  The President has already ordered FEMA to be ready to offer any assistance needed to Japan.

A tsunami from the Japan earthquake is roaring toward the United States this morning, with huge waves expected to hit Hawaii and California. A tsunami is predicted to hit Hawaii and Los Angeles this morning!  The tsunami is expected to hit Los Angeles at around 8:45am local time.  Hollywood is bracing for disaster, even though it seems more like a movie than real life.

There are tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific but for Hawaii is the news is especially dire.

Hawaii residents have been told to evacuate up to a half-mile inland, according to CNN. The Big Island of Hawaii has many celebs who live there or own second homes, including: Oprah, Kelsey Grammer and Roseanne Barr.

 WATCH: President Obama Japan Tsunami Press Conference Online Live Streaming Video