Watch Pretty Little Liars Online: ABC Family Hit Show Returns Tonight!

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Watch "Pretty Little Liars" online: ABC Family show returns tonight!

Have you been watching the “Pretty Little Liars” marathon on ABC Family tonight? It’s whetting our appetites for the return of the hit new series tonight at 8 p.m.! Read on for what to expect from tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” premiere, as well as links to watch “Pretty Little Liars” online!

I think the question foremost in viewers’ minds is who is A? If you read spoilers (or you’ve read the book series the show is based on), you already know … but please keep it quiet for the rest of us. Not sure if it will be revealed tonight or not.

If you want to watch “Pretty Little Liars” season 2 episode 1 online, you can either go to ABC Family or But warning, there’s a bit of lag time between when episodes premiere and when they are posted on the internet.

What did you think of tonight’s premiere?

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