Watch PS22 Chorus Oscars 2011 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Video)

watch ps22 chorus over the rainbow oscars 2011
Watch PS22 Chorus Over the Rainbow Oscars 2011

Watch the PS22 chorus Oscar 2011 “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” performance in this video.

The PS22 chorus, from Staten Island, were invited to perform at the Oscars 2011 receiving a personal invitation from Oscar co-host Anne Hathaway. Watch Oscars 2011 online live streaming video now!

PS22 chorus, led by Gregg Breinberg, became an internet sensation after Mr. B started posting their performances on YouTube.

The public school chorus videos have been visited more than 28 million times, and have really made the big time with their Academy Awards 2011 performance!

Watch the PS22 chorus sing “Over the Rainbow” during Oscars 2011 video below, plus watch the PS22 chorus rehearsal and learn more about this tremendous group of kids.