Watch Ralph Macchio Kicking the Competition on Dancing with the Stars (Video)

ralph macchio dancing with the stars
Ralph Macchio Still Kicking on DWTS

Ralph Macchio may not be a kid anymore, but he definitely has some kicks left in him.  The celebrity dad tried to get some advice from his teenage kids for his jive on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars and actually impressed them.  The one part of the performance that the judges did pick appart was his kicks (um, he’s the KARATE Kid — the guy can kick!)

Watch Ralph Macchio dance the Jive on Dancing with the Stars…..

Ralph Macchio definitely kicked the competition into high gear and maintained the top spot with his jive performance.    It may not have garnered the same high scores, but Ralph still won the audience vote with his jive performance.  The only thing he needs to remember is that he isn’t playing the role of a dancer, but he’s an actual dancer!  Either way Ralph Macchio will be sticking around a long, long time this season on Dancing with the Stars.

What did you think of Ralph Macchio’s jive performance on Dancing with the Stars?  Can the Karate Kid win it all?

Photo: ABC