Watch Regis Philbin Hit On Nicki Minaj! (Video)

nicki minaj regis and kelly las vegas
Nicki Minaj Got Hit On By Regis Philbin!

Nicki Minaj performed live from Las Vegas on Regis and Kelly on November 29th, and even though he isn’t exactly a spring chicken, Regis Philbin hit on Nicki Minaj! You can watch a video clip below of Regis eyeing Nicki Minaj, and then hitting on her and giving her a little pat on the bottom right around the 3 minute 45 second mark of the video. Good grief…what was Regis thinking?

Regis and Kelly both spoke very highly of Nicki Minaj and all that she’s accomplished, but both of them were most vocal about Nicki Minaj’s appearance. Regis commented that he loved her outfit (right before he hit on her), and Kelly Ripa couldn’t get over Nicki’s tiny waist!

I’m sure that Regis didn’t mean any harm in hitting on Nicki Minaj, but let’s just hope that none of her younger fans were watching! Aside from the little “pat” he gave her, Regis also makes a pretty suggestive comment in the video.

Photo: PRPhotos