Watch: Richard Hatch Pushes David Cassidy on Celebrity Apprentice!?! (Video)

Celebrity Apprentice Richard Hatch pushes David Cassidy
Celebrity Apprentice Richard Hatch pushes David Cassidy

Richard Hatch probably should have been fired on Celebrity Apprentice, but he wasn’t. Why? Because he’s ratings gold, baby.

Richard Hatch started off the Celebrity Apprentice 2011 premiere by already making waves Richard Hatch pushed teen heartthrob David Cassidy!? How dare you, sir.

Watch the video clip to see where Richard Hatch pushes David Cassidy.

Is Richard Hatch a bully? If not that, Hatch is certainly not a very nice guy. But any Survivor fan knows that all too well. Richard Hatch has a reputation for being a jerk, so why not play that out for Celebrity Apprentice viewers?

First, Hatch tells Cassidy to “be quiet,” then later physically pushes David out of the way

David Cassidy pointed out that you don’t push people “it’s disrespectful… and it’s arrogant.”

In the board room, Hatch denies physically pushing Cassidy intentionally… Jose Canseco had some words for Richard Hatch as well: “If you’re saying you didn’t strike him you’re a liar, and I’ll call you a liar to your face!”

Hatch countered with, “That’s where your lack of intelligence shines. I’m not saying I didn’t.”

Do you think Hatch should have been fired?