Watch Ricky Martin on Oprah: Talks Memoir, Sings "The Best Thing About Me is You" (Video)

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Watch Ricky Martin on Oprah (video)

Watch Ricky Martin on Oprah in this November 2 video clip, where Ricky Martin talks about finally coming out publicly, his new memoir, and being a single father to twins. Ricky Martin also sings “The Best Thing About Me Is You” with Joss Stone.

On his Oprah interview, Ricky Martin’s “supersonic ride of fame” is discussed, taking off from his 1999 Grammy awards and blasting into the stratosphere for some time after.

Still, during that time, rumors swirled about Ricky Marin’s sexuality.

Ricky Martin’s Oprah interview was his first television interview since coming out in March this year.

Martin has a new memoir called “Me,” in which he recounts coming out, saying that he felt “numb” and “relieved” after sending an email announcing, “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man.”

Why did he come out when he did? Ricky Martin tells Oprah, “I couldn’t take it anymore. It was too painful. The most important thing was my children.” He didn’t want to teach them to lie.

Oprah also asked him about his interview with Barbara Walters, where she asked him about whether or not he was gay. Ricky said he felt beat up after that interview.

Martin also talks about being a single father to twins who were conceived via a surrogate. Oprah’s audience gets an inside look at Ricky with his kids. Oh. So. Adorable.

Ricky Martin is currently in a relationship, and is very happy.

Ricky Martin and Joss Stone sing “The Best Thing About Me is You” (video):

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