Watch: Ricky Martin "The Best Thing About Me Is You" Today Show (Video)

ricky martin today show the best part about me is you
Ricky Martin sings on the Today show (video)

Watch Ricky Martin perform “The Best Thing About Me Is You” in this Today show video clip.

Ricky Martin sings the first single from his new album, “Musica Alma Sexo,” which translates to music, soul and sex.

The new Ricky Martin album is predominately Spanish, with just two songs in English he said he wanted to go back to basics and sing in Spanish.

Matt Lauer says that Martin has gotten some excellent reviews for the new album, plus they talk about Ricky touring with his two-and-a-half year old twins Ricky said he can’t wait to see them running around in every arena!

What do you think of “The Best Thing About Me Is You?”

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