Watch Samuel Koch Video German Reality Show Accident: What Happened?

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Watch Sam Koch Video: What Happened During Stunt Accident?

Watch Sam Koch video of his German reality show accident, where the Samuel Koch botched stunt left the man severely injured. But what happened?

The German reality show accident happened on Wetten Dass, a show that has featured dangerous stunts over the show’s history.

Samuel Koch’s stunt accident, seen in the video clip below, is the worst that’s ever occurred on Wetten Dass, as Sam Koch suffered spinal injuries, a broken neck and blood clots near his brain.

The question of whether Samuel Koch is paralyzed is still unanswered.

What happened during the German reality show accident? It’s believed that the spring stilts Sam Koch was wearing during the stunt malfunctioned.

In the Samuel Koch video, he is seen jumping at an oncoming car, flipping over and apparently hitting his head on the roof of the car, before falling limply to the ground, face first. Koch was wearing a helmet for the stunt and has reportedly practiced this hundreds of times.

Samuel Koch’s father drove the car during the accident, while his mother watched from the audience. I can’t even imagine encouraging my kids to do these kinds of stunts.