Watch Sarah Palin on GMA Discuss Caribou Hunting, Ridicule and Russia (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin gma sarah palin gma video
Sarah Palin on "Good Morning America:" Yep, she can still see Russia.

Sarah Palin seems to be gearing up to announce her run for the presidency with another appearance on what she’s termed “the lamestream media” (every since she embarrassed herself during an interview by Katie Couric, hmmm). She talked with Robin Roberts on this morning’s “Good Morning America,” touching on subjects from her controversial caribou hunt (she got in a withering dig at Aaron Sorkin over this column) to whether you can really see Russia from her house (because really, that NEVER gets old). Here’s the best quotes from the mom of five; read on for the video as well.

“Every word that I speak is scrutinized and … in some corners of the world it gets mocked and ridiculed and spun into something that it is not.”

“I think he [Aaron Sorkin] has some of those high-powered rifles in his movies and those are aimed at human beings. Mine is aimed at dinner.”

“Is his name Alan or Aaron? I’ve been calling him Alan!”

“You can’t bring down an animal with a BB gun.”

Roberts: “Where’s Russia?” Palin: “I tell ya it’s not that far away!”


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