Watch: Sassy Gay Friend Meets Great Expectations


sassy gay friendSassy Gay Friend is one of my favorite videos! Second City’s Sassy Gay Friend Brian Gallivan is back with a new round of videos. Today our favorite Sassy Gay Friend is helping Ms Havisham from Great Expectations!

SGF tells her “Don’t be a total Dick-ens character and try something new!” Even the recluse spinster Ms Havisham from Great Expectations wouldn’t be down if she listened to her Sassy Gay Friend!

If you haven’t seen Sassy Gay Friend, he travels through literature and history to help women change their lives…because they have a sassy gay friend.

There is also a new SGF video about Black Swan that is a scream!

Best line in this Sassy Gay Friend/Great Expectations video is the following: “You adopt a baby when you have a movie coming out!”

One of the best Sassy Gay Friend videos is “Romeo and Juliet”. Best line?

“Save it Patty Hearst!”

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