Watch Shaun Cassidy On Oprah Teen Heartthrob Show Online (Video)

watch shaun cassidy on oprah
Watch Shaun Cassidy Perform On Oprah

Watch Shaun Cassidy perform his number one hit, “Da Do Ron Ron” live on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Shaun Cassidy was on The Oprah Winfrey show today as part of her “Teen Heartthrob” episode, and you can watch a video clip of his performance below.

You can also watch the clip of Shaun Cassidy at home with his wife and three kids online at

Oprah’s Teen Heartthrob show also featured her teenage crush, Jackie Jackson, and performances by The Backstreet Boys and Peter Frampton.

Shaun Cassidy fans were in the Oprah audience today, and when he came out, they started screaming like a bunch of teenagers. One guy even showed up with a Shaun Cassidy doll, and I noticed a couple of women start to cry when they saw him. He definitely still makes the girls swoon!

Shaun gave an amazing interview, and proved that he is just as big a class act today as he was in the 1970s.

When one of his biggest fans was featured on the show still holding the ticket stub from a Shaun Cassidy concert she went to in the 70s, he gave her a hug, kissed her on the cheek, making her teenage dream come true. He also told her that he hoped the $8.50 she paid for the ticket was worth every cent!

Watch the video clip below of Shaun Cassidy performing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It’s ok to scream if you want!