Watch Sister Wives Honeymoon Special Online Video: Sister Wives Kody Browns Honeymoon

watch sister wives honeymoon special online video kody brown
Watch Sister Wives honeymoon special online video

Watch the Sister Wives honeymoon special online in these video clips, where husband Kody Brown and his new fourth wife, Robyn, take a honeymoon vacation.

The Sister Wives’ other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, are left behind to take care of the kids while Kody and Robyn honeymoon in San Diego.

Watch the Sister Wives honeymoon special online videos – Meri, Janelle and Christine take off for a camping trip to the mountains to integrate Robyn’s kids into their large family.

The Sister Wives honeymoon special isn’t the last you’ve seen of Kody Brown and his plural family TLC ordered a second season of the reality series.

In this Sister Wives honeymoon special video, Robyn talks about how she had Kody call home to the other wives while they were on their trip: “When you are in this situation … your emotions get the better of you and you start creating this crazy thing in your head and if he can contact them and say, ‘Hey, I love her; I’m on a honeymoon with her but I still love you and I still connect with you and I’m still thinking about you,’ it helps them to feel more secure.”

Kody and his newest wife, Robyn, go away for 11 days on a honeymoon while the other wives stay home to take care of the kids and house. The other wives think 11 days is “ridiculous” and there’s definitely some anger, jealousy and other emotions. Plus, they miss Kody. Go figure.

At episode end, Kody offers to babysit. Good luck with that, big daddy.

Watch the Sister Wives honeymoon special video: