Watch: Sister Wives on Ellen DeGeneres (Video): Sister Wives in Snuggies!

sister wives ellen snuggie kody brown video
Sister Wives get snuggies from Ellen DeGeneres!

Watch the Sister Wives on Ellen in this video clip – husband Kody Brown and his four wives sat down with Ellen to talk about their plural family.

Between them, the Sister Wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and Kody have 16 kids and 4 houses, so Ellen has some questions about how it all works. Like all of us are wondering, how do the Sister Wives afford it all?

They say they cut corners, the kids wear hand me downs, and they cut coupons.

As for keeping the Sister Wives’ time with Kody straight, they have a schedule for different nights – Ellen gave them each a snuggie with their name and day of the week to help keep things organized!

As for those who don’t understand their lifestyle, Meri tells Ellen: “I just feel like we’re all adults. Anybody, any of us, I feel like are free to do whatever we want if it’s not hurting anyone else. I think we should all be free to love who we want.”

And… an exclusive clip of a fifth wife – it’s Ellen!