Watch "Sister Wives" on Oprah: Sister Wives Reality Show Explained (Video)

sister wives on oprah interview watch video
Watch Sister Wives family on Oprah

The stars of Sister Wives were on Oprah today to shed a little more light on their plural family and their TLC reality series.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is married to four women, and there are 16 children between them.

Oprah asked why they decided to do the reality show Sister Wives and expose their polygamist lifestyle and Kody explained: “We figured that just by showing our lives, we’d actually help the society be more transparent, have other people in the — in the lifestyle feel safer about being transparent.”

The family is currently being investigated and Utah authorities may charge Brown with felony bigamy. Brown could face up to five years in prison for what he calls “loving four women.”

Oprah also asked what would happen if Brown had to go to jail for the charges and be taken away from the kids and his wives.

Wife Christine said, “I don’t even want to think about that at all – we never asked for the state to give us any sort of acknowledgement or anything for our family. We just wanted to show our family.”

Meri added, “We wanted to be free to be this family.”

Did you watch the Sister Wives interview on Oprah? What do you think of this family? Do you watch their reality series?

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