Watch Sister Wives Season 2 Premiere Online (Video): Kody Brown's Sister Wives and Kids

watch sister wives season 2 premiere online video
Watch Sister Wives season 2 premierre online video

Watch Sister Wives’ season 2 premiere online video here! In the Sister Wives season 2 premiere, Kody Brown and his wives travel to New York for a television appearance to publicly announce they’re polygamists, their kids go to their first day of school… and they go ice blocking (see video below)!

Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, 40, Janelle, 41, Christine, 38, and Robyn, 32, are seen making their relationship officially public, as well as raising their 16 kids together.

Kody Brown’s newest wife, Robyn, really becomes a part of the family in season 2 Kody and Robyn were married at the end of season 1.

Watch Sister Wives Special online video.

Janelle promises “More of the kids for sure. We’re so excited to show them off a little more,” while Meri promises “less crying on the couch” and “more family unity.”

How does the Sister Wives family afford all of those kids? Join the discussion!

Meri also comments that Sister Wives season 2 is ” the whole ups and downs of becoming public, it’s ins and outs of our family. Just being a family, whereas in season 1, it was beginning the family joining.”

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The family goes ice blocking: