Watch Sister Wives Special Online Video, TLC Sister Wives Special with Natalie Morales

watch sister wives special natalie morales interview tlc online video
Watch Sister Wives special online video

Watch the Sister Wives special online in these video clips the Sister Wives special aired on TLC, with NBC’s Natalie Morales interviewing the plural family for the October 31 episode.

The polygamist family at the center of TLC’s Sister Wives has grabbed a lot of attention both negative and positive, as people are curious about their lifestyle situation and have their views about whether the way they live is right or wrong.

NBC’s Natalie Morales interviews Kody Brown and his wives for the October 31 Sister Wives special that aired after a marathon of the reality program.

In other Sister Wives news, the TLC reality series has been renewed for season 2! Look for the second season of Sister Wives to include 10 episodes, beginning in March.

Watch more of the Sister Wives Natalie Morales interview online at, including the deal with Kody’s hair! Plus, oddly enough, you can see some of the Sister Wives recipes online.

Plus, get in on our Sister Wives discussions, including what Kody Brown’s job is and more about the Sister Wives finale and wedding to Kody’s newest wife.

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