Watch: SNL Mom Jeans Commercial Parody Video, Women of SNL Special

watch snl mom jeans commercial parody video women of snl special
Watch SNL's Mom Jeans commercial parody video

Watch the SNL “Mom Jeans” commercial parody video below, featured on The Women of SNL special.

The SNL Mom Jeans commercial parody is one of Saturday Night Live’s finest, and Tina Fey has noted in interviews that Mom Jeans was one of her favorite sketches that she wrote for SNL.

SNL women are featured in the Mom Jeans of various lengths, but all with the signature “nine inch zipper and casual front pleats.”

“Mom Jeans fit mom just the way she likes it… cut generously to fit a mom’s body.”

Oh so flattering. Oh so funny, the “Mom Jeans” commercial parody is a classic.

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