WATCH: Space Shuttle Launch Online & On Your Playstation! How?


There will be about 50,000 who will make the pilgrimage to watch the launch of the space shuttle Discovery live and in person. The rest of us? We’ll have to watch it online or in a unique and new way…on your Playstation! How do you watch it?

The launch will happen at February 24th, 2011 at 4:50 EST.

You can watch the launch from your computer on NASA TV right here, plus you can get all sort of other information about not just this launch but anything and everything about NASA.

And watching from your Playstation? That’s a new one. The live streaming of the launch will be offered by PlayStationHome which is a social gaming networking service and it will be the first live streaming event offered by them. NASA themselves said that they look “forward to sharing more of our endeavors with PlayStation users.” You can get more info here!