Watch SpongeBob Legends Of Bikini Bottom: Plus, Lost Video Extras!

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SpongeBob Legends Of Bikini Bottom: Did you like the new 'toon?

There are two kinds of parents in this world: Those who love “SpongeBob SquarePants” and those who wish he’d just dry up and blow away already. Good news for the former: Tonight marked the first of five new episodes, but if you or your children missed out (I know my daughter was already in bed), we’ve got you covered. You can watch “SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom” online. Click on to watch “SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom: Trenchbillies” and share your favorite parts of the show!

Here’s the link to the “SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom” video. I believe you need to have a Facebook account to watch, so 90 percent of you should be just fine. You can also watch this clip of “SpongeBob Legends of Bikini Bottom: Lost SpongeBob Video.”

If you want to find SpongeBob games for your kids as well, here’s another link. Happy clicking.