Watch Stefanie Powers on Today Show: Her Mom Inspired Her to Write Book (Video)

watch stefanie powers today show memoir one from the hart book
Watch Stefanie Powers in this Today show interview video

Watch Stefanie Powers on the Today show she’s talking about her new book, “One From the Hart,” including how her mom inspired her to write the memoir.

TV fans may remember Stefanie Powers from her days on “Hart to Hart,” co-starring Robert Wagner, but did you know that Stefanie’s mother encouraged her as a young child to pursue dancing, landing her in class with Wagner’s future wives (Natalie Wood and Jill St. John)?


In the Today show video clip, Stefanie Powers talks about how the death of her mother and Powers’ battle with lung cancer was the inspiration to write the new book.

In “One From the Heart,” Stefanie talks about her acting career and marriages, including her relationship with actor William Holden, whose work in conservation and preservation became very much a part of her life after he passed away.

Stefanie Powers looks terrific, by the way would you believe she’ll be 68 on November 2?

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