Watch Taylor Swift "Back to December" Video: Official Back to December Music Video

watch taylor swift back to december official music video
Watch Taylor Swift Back to December official music video

Watch Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” video in this official “Back to December” music video, released today.

Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” is reportedly about Taylor Lautner, but the boy in the music video isn’t much of a Lautner look-alike.

Swift looks beautiful and brings the sad looks, with a sad mopey sweater and that oh-so-pretty snow as she sings about a lost love, apologizing to him… and he’s seen out in the cold also doing some mopey business.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” music video?

Back to December is the second single from Taylor’s “Speak Now” album… and note, the Taylor Swift Back to December official video was released on the 13th Taylor’s lucky number!

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