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Watch Taylor Swift on Ellen DeGeneres: Talks Dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Sings "Mine" (Video)

By WendyM |

taylor swift on ellen degeneres show sings mine dating jake gyllenhaal video

Watch Taylor Swift on Ellen DeGeneres

Watch Taylor Swift on Ellen DeGeneres in these video clips, where Taylor Swift talks about past boyfriends and the possibility that she’s now dating Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ellen asks Taylor Swift if guys are worried they’ll have a song written about them, given her history of writing about her exes.

Then Ellen DeGeneres asks about “Dear John” and whether it’s about John Mayer. Taylor Swift says “That song kinda is what it is.”

Ellen notes, “You didn’t dispute it,” so it must be about John Mayer!

Taylor Swift describes that she’s always wanted to remain the same songwriter – and says that people are more interested in the subject matter of her songs now and try to speculate (but she’ll never tell who the songs are about!).

Ellen asks if Taylor was to write a song about love now, how would it go?

Ellen says, “Are you optimistic about love? How do you feel about love right now?”

Swift: “I’m always optimistic about love.”

DeGeneres: “So you’re always optimistic about love?”

Swift: “Yes, always, sometimes.”

“But right now you are?” DeGeneres presses.

Taylor Swift answers, “Well, why wouldn’t anyone be?”

Then Ellen tries to get Swift to spill about dating Gyllenhaal: “Especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal, because he is very handsome.”

DeGeneres lets Taylor Swift off the hook a little: “Y’all are just hanging out though, right?”

Swift then says: “You have a picture of us on the screen, don’t you?”

Ellen comments: “Right…But it’s just y’all hanging out – this does not prove anything. I’m just saying he’s adorable and I like him very much, and so if that is the case that he’s your boyfriend, I think that’s fantastic.”

Watch Taylor Swift’s Ellen DeGeneres interview, where she talks about dating (or not) Jake Gyllenhaal:

Watch Taylor Swift meet one of her biggest fans on Ellen:

Taylor Swift sings “Mine”:

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3 thoughts on “Watch Taylor Swift on Ellen DeGeneres: Talks Dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Sings "Mine" (Video)

  1. Cathy Tripp says:

    Ellen, Love you, love the show. Especially Taylor. She is Real Perfection love to all Cathy

  2. Cody says:

    When some one talks about someone “sleeping there way to the top“, we know what there talking about. But from that, you would think the person sleeping there way to the top would stop sleeping there way to the top, when they got there.
    I DO NOT LIKE “ KANYE WEST “ But, I have to say. Im on his side about his
    comment on how in the world could TAYLOR SWIFT be getting all these awards.
    Her F#*ked up music sucks. Its all about drama. Its like, in her day to day living she’s
    like those B&*!has everyone hates. “LOOK AT ME, WHAT ABOUT ME, YOU NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ME, type girl.
    Like I said, you would think the person sleep there way to fame would stop when they got there. Well, maybe you wouldn’t if that person was a dumb a#s or a #%&*+.
    My son is 3 and I have seen that some of the cartoons have used Black Eye Peas
    Music “no words” in there cartoons. And TAYLOR gets artist of the year. There is a lot better music out there then her s*^t. Now she is getting top 10 albums of the year or something.
    “O my GOD, how does the picking or voting for the awards. Because, there is some
    real tone deaf people out there. O, that’s right, I for got, the vote that counts or the
    people that pick how gets the awards are GETTING SOME”.

    I don’t like watching music awards any more. All it does is makes me mad when
    She gets all those awards.

  3. Aulbrey says:

    Hello Cody. I really think that u should jot be trashing Taylor Swift. I think you are just jealous because it is not you getting all those awards. She is a very talented women, and always wilk be. As for the Black Eyed Peas, their heyday is so over. My daughter and the rest of the kids in her school absoloutly hate them. And tone down on all the cursing. Nobody likes a pottymouth. My final words: u r an IDIOT

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