Watch Taylor Swift Stand Up to Bullies with Mean ACM Awards Performance (Video)

taylor swift
Taylor Swift at the ACM Awards

Watch out bullies Taylor Swift has set her sights on you!

That’s right Taylor has put the ex-boyfriend bashing on hold for the night and has opted to lash out at the bullies of her youth with her performance of “Mean” at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Awards shows are ususally an opportunity for Taylor Swift to take aim at her former boyfriends and tear them apart in song on network television.  Tonight she instead took aim at the small town bullies of her youth basically rubbing her success in their faces.    With a posse of banjo playing girls dressed in 50’s housewives dressed, Taylor slayed her bullies with lyrics like “Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hurt me and all you’re going to be is mean” and “all you are is mean… and a liar… and pathetic… and alone in life.”  It was rather refreshing to see Taylor peform something other than Back to December!  

What did you think of Taylor Swift’s performance of Mean at the ACM Awards?