Watch Teresa Scanlan Win Miss America: The Teen Steals the Crown!

teresa scanlan
Teresa Scanlan Wins Miss America Crown

Watch Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan win the 2011 Miss America Crown!  The teenager beat out her more ‘experienced’ competition and walked away with crown on Saturday’s Miss America Pageant before she’s even old enough to vote.

Rather than waste time on teenage frivolities, Teresa Scanlan is pocketing her winnings with dreams of heading off to law school in order to become a politician.  Her goal is to become a prosecutor and ultimately a judge.

“I want to be there making sure that I stand up for what’s right, stand up for integrity and honesty,” Teresa Scanlan said of her future goals.

In earning the title of Miss America, Teresa Scanlan became the youngest winner in the pageant’s history.    Her win serves as an excellent example of what young girls can achieve when they set their minds on a goal!