Watch The Bachelor 2011 Brad Womack on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

watch brad womack the bachelor 2011 jimmy kimmel live video
Watch The Bachelor 2011's Brad Womack, Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

Watch The Bachelor 2011 Brad Womack on Jimmy Kimmel Live in this video clip. First up, Jimmy Kimmel has Brad Womack explain his previous finale where he rejected both finalists.

Then Kimmel says Womack did the right thing, instead of pretending to pick one of the ladies that he really didn’t have any intention of marrying. Jimmy asks Brad, “Why are you apologizing for this??”

Womack says that he did pick someone this time around on The Bachelor 2011, sayig, “I feel like a very lucky man. I’m a happy guy.”

Jimmy Kimmel hopes he picked the vampire!

Brad Womack also explains how he only can see who he picked very little, explaining that they have secret meet ups.

How many of the women did he make love to, Jimmy wants to know Womack says “zero on the show.” Hmmmm…

Overall, Jimmy Kimmel tells Brad Womack to stop apologizing… this may be the first time Womack has ever been told that!

Plus… Perez Hilton as the new Bachelor?