WATCH: The Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion Still As Shocking Today


It was 25 years ago today that the shocking explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger took place. Countless Americans and school classrooms, people of all ages, tuned into to see the Challenger take off into space for their mission on January 28, 1986. This was the Challenger’s ninth and last mission. The shocking explosion took the lives of all seven of it’s crew members.

There is so much anticipation, excitement and joy over the launch of rocket. But the truth of the matter is, that putting man/woman into space is a challenging and dangerous deed. And it can be deadly, like in the case of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

The crew included Francis R. Scobee; pilot Michael J. Smith; mission specialists Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S. Onizuka, Judith A. Resnik and Gregory B. Jarvis. As well as the first civilian, part of their  “teacher in space” program, Christa Mcauliffe.

Seeing the video 25 years after that day’s events is still as shocking, as jarring, and as sad as it was then. You can see CNN then-live coverage of the launch right here.