Watch The Walking Dead AMC Premiere Online Video Halloween Night

watch the walking dead amc online video halloween premiere
Watch AMC's The Walking Dead online video

Watch The Walking Dead AMC premiere online video below but after the kids go to bed, as the highly anticipated zombie series is definitely not for the kiddies.

And good news, zombie fans, The Walking Dead on AMC is receiving some pretty spectacular reviews, with Entertainment Weekly, for example, giving The Walking Dead a B+.

Watch The Walking Dead AMC premiere online in these video clips, including a behind the scenes look at the new series, as well as scenes from episode 1.

The Walking Dead is based on the graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman that old tale of survivors of a zombie apocalypse – and no doubt fans of the horror zombie genre will eat this up, so to speak.

Overall, a fun horror series to kick off its premiere on, of all perfect days, Halloween!

What did you think of The Walking Dead?

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