Watch Tom Bosley On Happy Days: Mr. C In Happy Days Series Finale (VIDEO)

tom bosley
Tom Bosley: Mr. C on Happy Days

To many of us, Tom Bosley will forever be remembered as Mr. Cunningham on “Happy Days.” He was the quintessential dad, fathering Richie and Joanie and acting as a surrogate pop for Henry Winkler. “Happy Days” was my favorite show for most of my childhood, both in repeats and originals, and I’ll always remember the last episode, when Joanie and Chachi got married. (Less said about their spinoff, however, the better.)

Here’s a clip of Bosley’s final appearance on “Happy Days,” in the show’s series finale nearly two decades ago. He gives a beautiful speech, and we see a retrospective of great “Happy Days” moments.

What are your favorite Mr. C. memories from “Happy Days?”


Photo: ABC

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