Watch Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Online: Where Is Heidi Klum?

victoria's secret fashion show 2010 heidi klum
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Missing Heidi Klum

Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2010 live stream online video tonight for a look at this season’s hottest lingerie fashions. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always a huge hit, but we can’t help but wonder, where is Heidi Klum this year?

As a celebrity mom, she always made us incredibly envious of her fab figure gracing the runway in some skimpy outfit about six weeks after giving birth. Why isn’t Heidi in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010?

Heidi Klum will not be participating in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year, most likely because she’s too busy wrangling kids! Maybe Heidi has finally realized that there are more important things than prancing around in your underwear after you have children.

Or maybe she’s trying to reconnect with moms instead of having them hate her for having such a great bod!

Will you be watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 live stream online or on TV tonight?

Photo: PRPhotos