WATCH: Wheel of Fortune Wonder Woman! Solves Puzzle With Just ONE Letter!


Wheel of Fortune

The first thing you think after Caitlin Burke solved a 27 letter puzzle with just one letter an L on the Wheel of Fortune is that she cheated. But apparently, she just had logic and luck on her side!  After she spun the wheel and guessed one noun, she asked if she could solve the puzzle. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajek seemed a bit confused that she wanted to attempt to solve it so early on. But she did it. She pulled out, “I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This” and not only won a trip to the Caribbean but she won lots of attention from those searching for those heart warming human interest stories.  So how did she solve it so quick?

She said she just looked at the pattern of the letters and figured what might fit where and, as she said, she “had a good feeling about this.” And she was right!

Check out the video of her solving the puzzle below.

Methinks it’s time to get the kids working on their alphabetical patterns!  And watch this with your kids, it shows them how cool being smart can be!

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