WATCH: Why Would ANYONE Give Charlie Sheen a Machete?!?


charlie sheen machete

There is a small list of people who should be wielding machetes. Those who need to clear brush in a field or the jungle. Those who are using it to cut their harvest. And those perhaps starring in an action and adventure movie like Rambo. But Charlie Sheen? He is one person who should NOT have a machete, and especially in public! Why did he have that weapon and what was he doing?

The troubled actor was evidently having a “top secret” meeting at Live Nation (read=more Sheen craziness to come), and he went onto the roof of the Beverly Hills building and waved the weapon around. When asked about how be felt about being fired from Two and a Half Men he declared “Free at last … free at last.”

Should people hide all sharp objects from Sheen?

You can see Charlie Sheen and his machete right here!

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