Wedding Bells for Britney Spears: Why Jason Trawick Is Good For Her


britney spearsIt’s been more than a year since Britney Spears has had one of her well-documented meltdowns, and it’s no coincidence that she’s been linked to former agent Jason Trawick during that time. The two spent time in Maui together this week, and there have been engagement rumors floating for days.

Despite all her crazy (which now seems to be demonstrated in outfits like the one at left), we still love Brit. Could the third time be the charm for the already twice-married mother of two, whose quickie with high school flame Jason Alexander was annulled after just a few days? We all know how disastrously her second marriage to Kevin Federline, father of her two boys, ended.

But Trawick seems to be a good influence on Britney and her children. Here’s the evidence:

Since she began dating him, she’s stopped hanging out with fame-mongering “friends” like Paris Hilton. She’s  no longer a tabloid staple each week, and she looks fabulous, as her recent bikini pictures can attest.

Maybe it’s the influence of a more mature boyfriend. At 37, Trawick is 10 years older than Britney. And unlike her former husbands, he has a long record in show business and understands the hardships that young stars are subjected to he’s represented Hilary Duff and Hilton.

Plus, Trawick reportedly engineered the guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother” two years ago that marked Spears’ comeback from attacking reporters with umbrellas and shaving her head.

Our verdict: Ring, please.

Photo: Wikipedia