Wedding Bells For Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman?!! (Please No)



Jon Gosselin isn’t even officially divorced yet, but that doesn’t meant the reality TV dad of eight can’t shop for engagement rings for his “soulmate,” Hailey Glassman.

Jon does want to bring Hailey to his home to meet his kids – even though Kate is absolutely opposed to it at this point – so why not put a ring on her finger?


Sources have given a tip we find positively appalling.

Our source has told us that Jon Gosselin brought his foster child, girlfriend, soul mate Homewrecking Hailey to a Tiffany’s shop in Prussia, PA. We’re told that while Hailey was away, (probably looking for a paparazzi to take their picture), Jon briefly looked at engagement rings!!!

Fortunately, neither of them left the store with a little blue bag , but we still want to gag at the thought that he might be actually considering marrying this girl so soon!

Yeah, I’d have to agree.  My goodness, get a clue Jon.  Your children’s mental and emotional well-being needs to come first.  He’s so wrapped up in his “soulmate” that he’s not seeing the damage that he’s causing to his children.  He makes me a little bit ill.