Wedding-Themed Plastic Surgery Show: Seriously?


Long ago, before Extreme Makeover: Home Edition became the outrageously popular tear-jerker everyone loves it for, there was just Extreme Makeover. Anyone remember that? Guests underwent drastic plastic surgery to the point where they were unrecognizable from their former selves. And then there was The Swan, which had the same basic idea–but then pitted these “made over’ people in a pageant against each other.

I thought we (society) had learned those kind of shows were, well, disgusting. With Extreme Makeover: Home Edition taking over, I almost forgot about that horrendous show that came before it.

But apparently, yet another plastic surgery show will be hitting the airwaves. According to Gawker, E! ordered a show called Bridalplasty. The show will be a competition among brides-to-be, and the prize? Plastic surgery. Apparently the contestants will participate in “wedding-themed challenges,” and the winners get “extensive surgical procedures.”

So, what happens when their grooms don’t recognize them at the end of the aisle? My suggestion: Keep your daughters far away from this show–you don’t want them getting this idea in their heads.


Photo: Maurie Hill/PR Photos

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