Weezythanxyou Blog: Lil Wayne Thanks Fans Via Weezythanxyou Site

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Little Wayne thanks fans on

Lil Wayne is out of jail today, but it’s that he credits with keeping him positive, allowing Lil Wayne to thank fans for their support.

Lil Wayne’s release from jail today comes after serving eight months of a 12 month sentence for a weapons charge.

Lil Wayne sent a message to fans on on Tuesday, saying, “I was never scared, worried nor bothered by the situation.” periodically posted letters from Weezy, where he talked about his days in Rikers, new songs he liked, and answered some of his fan mail.

His last entry on Tuesday noted, “I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you. I never imagined how much impact my words and life can have.”

Webmaster Karen Civil, who worked with Karla Moy on the site, told, “The first week in, he wanted his fans, more or less — it wasn’t about commercial success for him — he just wanted fans to know he was still there and to keep the presence with them.”

On Weezythanxyou, Lil Wayne shared in his final letter, “I smiled like a child on Christmas,” he wrote about receiving fan letters. “But when I began to read them, my heart smiled.”